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Boeing states on their website, " The Douglas DC-3, which made air travel popular and airline profits possible, is universally recognized as the greatest airplane of its time. Some would argue that it is the greatest of all time." We believe converting this aircraft to turbine power, along with the structural and updated features and modifications, has made the greatest airplane of all time greater than ever!

Every Dodson International Turbo Dakota DC-3 is renewed to strict standards to present you the highest quality conversion turbine aircraft!

Each Turbo Dakota began it's life as a Douglas DC-3 C-47. The aircraft went through a detailed process of remanufacturing and new certification. Virtually every system is replaced with new technology and design features! A team of engineers and mechanics who worked with the original AMI Conversion Process (the father of ALL DC-3 PT6 Conversions) created this highest quality conversion.

Only low-time quality airframes have been selected! The structures have been stripped, restored and corrosion-proofed. The center section has been reinforced for 29,300 GW. The cabin fuselage has been extended to 40" and cabin and flight control extensions have been added.

Finally, the aircraft's mission-specific customization is accomplished!

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The Dodson International DC-3 is licensable in about any country in the world you need to operate. The aircraft are certified under United States FAA Supplemental Type Certificate SA3820SW or South African CAA Modification Number M89/483 and M93/011E.

The aircraft is maintained in accordance with a modified version of the Douglas AAIP with no fuselage life and a very easy to follow series of inspections, based upon hourly service. You will receive an Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC), Maintenance Manual (MM) and Airplane Flight Manuals (AFM) specifically for your aircraft. You receive the aircraft documentation in print and electronically.

Due to it's design, and because the Turbo Dakota is unpressurized, it has a virtually unlimited service life!