Turbo Dakota DC-3 FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

- Will you Finance?

We don't finance the purchase of the aircraft, but we will work with you and your financial outlets regarding purchase and lease-purchase options.

- Do you Lease Aircraft?

Every operation is different, and every request to lease will be explored on a case by case basis.

- Will I be able to license the Turbo Dakota DC-3 where I need to Operate?

Dodson International's Turbo Dakota DC-3 is licensable in virtually any country in the world you need to operate. The aircraft are certified under United States FAA Supplemental Type Certificate SA3820SW or South African CAA Modification Number M89/483 and M93/011E.

- Is it possible to customize the Turbo Dakota DC-3 to better suit my operation?

Absolutely! You don't pay for options you don't need. From the standard specification, you are able to customize features to create the exact aircraft you need for your operation.

- How much does the Turbo Dakota DC-3 cost?

Every Turbo Dakota DC-3 is customizable and the final price will depend upon the additional options you require for your mission. Standard Spec Pricing is around 3 million USD.

- How soon can my Turbo Dakota be delivered

Nearly immediately! Customized options and the length of time to accomplish those options will affect the final delivery date that is assigned to your aircraft.

- Can my Turbo Dakota DC-3 land almost anyplace in the world?

Yes! This is the ultimate SUV Aircraft! When your aircraft needs to land at this airport (pictured), you will understand why you chose the Turbo Dakota DC-3.